At Brookvale Early Learning Centre we implement the Early years Learning Framework which is a National Curriculum implemented in 2011. The programs that we introduce into our centre are constantly reviewed and revised in accordance with the latest research into child development and are used as the basis for planning teaching strategies in the early learning environment.

Each child has unique interests, varying levels of skills and very specific needs from adults and peers. Each child also has a unique style of learning that allows them to gain the most from experiences.

Our pre-school program follows the school readiness/transition to school guidelines. We work closely with Brookvale Public School to provide the best programs to get the children ready for school.

By taking a wide variety of direct observations of each child’s individual strengths and interests and through partnership and communication with families, activities are planned to engage the child. These activities allow opportunities for the child to work in a one-on-one situation with our teachers or in small or large groups with peers, to achieve step by step growth in all areas of their development.

By planning activities that build upon the individual child’s strengths we ensure that children succeed in their skill building and therefore develop a healthy attitude to learning.

Children in our programs participate in a wide variety of activities as well as a flexible daily routine and planned transition times which are developed to ensure that every part of the day is a ‘teachable moment in time’. Our programs and the activities offered are based on the individual child. Each child is able to develop skills according to their own unique abilities.