Our staff are our most valuable asset. Each educator brings their own individual skills and experiences to the classroom enhancing their own personal teaching style.

We believe that the foundation of quality educational childcare for children lies in the experienced and qualified educators in our centre. We encourage and support educators to continue their personal and professional education and development within the workplace both through formal study and on-the-job training.

All of our educators meet the requirements set out by the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 and offer the highest levels  of childcare. All staff hold First Aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis certificates and regularly update this training.

We encourage you to come and visit the centre, meet the educators who will care for, support and educate your child, see the friends your child will make, read about the day’s activities and adventures, let us show and tell the treasures we’ve created and inspect our first class facility and adventure packed playground!


Amy Kewley – ECT

Director – started 2008 (Currently on maternity leave until November)

Rebekah Stephenson – Diploma (studying ECT)

Assistant Director  – started 2018 (Acting Director until November)

Lissa Burnett – Cert III

Administration Assistant – started 2009




Sugargliders Educators (0-2years)

Paola Palmer – Cert III

Sugargliders Room Leader – started 2018

Jessica Allison – Studying Diploma

Sugargliders Educator – started 2019

Catherine Olbinado – Diploma (studying ECT)

Sugargliders Relief Educator – started 2017

Melanie Johnson – Studying Cert III

Sugargliders Relief Edducator – started 2019

Belinda Comber – Diploma

Sugargliders Relief Educator – started 2005


Bilbies Educators (2-3years)

Helena Saldanha – Diploma

Bilbies Room Leader – started 2019

Tatiana Vieira – Cert III (studying Diploma)

Bilbies Room Leader – started 2017

Ana Aliste – Diploma

Bilbies Educator – started 2019

Rose Rumble – Cert III

Bilbies Educator – started 2010

Ania Aili – Cert III

Bilbies Relief Educator – started 2017

Julia Vaz Severo – Studying Cert III

Bilbies Relief Educator – started 2019


Quokkas Educators (3-4years)

Jenny Drake – ECT

Quokkas Room Leader – started 2012

Ying Ju – Diploma (studying ECT)

Quokkas Educator – started 2013

Farhana Mim – Diploma

Quokkas Educator – started 2019

Renee McCourt – Studying Diploma

Quokkas Relief Educator – started 2019


Kangaroos Educators (4-5years)

Karen Porto – Diploma

Kangaroos Room Leader – started 2019

Helen Yu – ECT

Kangaroos Educator – started 2016

Karen Curran – ECT

Kangaroos Educator – started 2019

Nasrin Aliakbarian

Relief Educator – started 2012



Melissa Marinovich

OOSHC & Vacation Care Co-Ordinator – started 2018

Belinda Comber – Diploma

OOSHC & Vacation Care Assistant Co-Ordinator – started 2005

Vincent Barayani

OOSHC & Vacation Care Educator – started 2016

Eliza Earl

OOSHC & Vacation Care Educator – started 2019

Natalie Mason

OOSHC & Vacation Care Educator – started 2019

Isaac Burton

OOSHC & Vacation Care Educator – started 2019

Isabella Tycho

OOSHC & Vacation Care Educator – started 2019



Donna Thalib – Cert III, Safe Food Handling & Menu Planning

Centre Cook – started 2005

Barbara Duarte – Safe Food Handling & Menu Planning

Centre Cook – started 2019