A little bit about us
at Brookvale ELC

Brookvale Early Learning Centre is a privately owned Long Day Care, Preschool and OOSHC located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Whilst the childcare centre has been operating in the grounds of Brookvale Public School for over 20 years, Brookvale ELC was developed in 2009 when there was a change of management.

Being a privately run centre means our owners are 100% committed to the development of our high quality Early Learning facility. Our owners are actively involved with the centre, the families who attend and the educators. This strong relationship has lead to us being able to provide an environment for our children and families that means their needs and is safe and nurturing at all times. Brookvale ELC is proud of all our experienced and caring Educators who have been with us for many years.



At Brookvale Early Learning Centre we are committed to offering high quality care and education in an atmosphere that is welcoming and nurturing. Our aim is to provide a stimulating, safe leaning environment  where all children are respected, valued and supported throughout their early years of development.

Being, Belonging, Becoming
Children are supported by skilled, knowledgeable and passionate educators through research-based curriculums that are guided by the needs and interests of children and families and follows the Being, Belonging, Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework.
We use this framework as a guideline to help the children to feel a sense of BELONGING to their learning environment, BEING in the moment and BECOMING ‘me’.

Culture and Equity
We believe each child is individual and should
be respected regardless of abilities, gender, religion and culture. We embrace the unique qualities of each child and incorporate them into their learning experiences.
The centre regularly celebrates events from a wide range of cultures from all around the
world and we pride ourselves on our strong connection to community through regular engagement with local businesses and hosting open events within the centre.

The input of families and their relationship with the centre is of vital importance to
the development of each child. We recognise the importance of working collaboratively
with families towards shared goals which will enhance their child’s learning experience
and overall development.
Some of the ways we encourage family involvement within the centre includes inviting them to sharing memorable experiences which we can incorporate into our programs and joining us in celebrating important events throughout the year.

Our service provides an environment that is safe and secure for all children, families
and staff at our centre. We strongly believe in supporting the sustainability of our
environment and the world around us.
Our indoor and outdoor environments enhance the children’s awareness of this through the use of recycled resources and being actively involved in the care of our worm farm and sustainability gardens. The garden helps us to provide the food which features in our weekly menus.




We recognise our Educators as important factors in providing a high-quality standard of
care for each child. Our dedicated educators, support staff and management team are of the highest calibre, exemplifying the beliefs, values and ethics of the centre at all times.
It is the role of the educators to encourage positive social interactions, extend on children’s individual interests, challenge their abilities and find meaningful teachable moments through play-based learning.